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Hallmark Itty Bittys

Say hello to the new kids on the block… Introducing our fun and fabulous Itty Bittys. Hallmark have picked some of the most iconic characters from film, comics and TV and given them a new look that’s totally sweet and unique. At just 10cm tall, these little guys are small in size, but big on personality. Having been huge in the States for quite a while, the first releases finally made it to us across the pond in Autumn 2015, and there are exciting new additions joining the collection on regular basis. Itty Bitty’s are a great gift or toy, and are fast becoming a must for many collectors.

The Wizard of Oz Collection

The Itty Bittys Wizard of Oz Collection began with four iconic characters from the much loved classic… Itty Bitty Tin Man, Itty Bitty Lion, Itty Bitty Scarecrow and Itty Bitty Dorothy herself. The collection has already expanded with the popular additions of Itty Bitty Wicked Witch of the West and Itty Bitty Glinda the Good Witch. With the success of the first releases proving that the Itty Bittys Wizard of Oz Collection has huge nostalgic appeal for fans new and old, we suspect that there will be new additions making their way down the yellow brick road very soon!

The Star Wars Collection

The Itty Bittys Star Wars Collection reflects the continued popularity of one of the greatest film franchises of all time. The collection includes many of the original favourites from the Dark Side and the Light, including Itty Bitty Chewbacca, Itty Bitty Yoda, Itty Bitty Storm Trooper, and Itty Bitty Darth Vader, plus everyone’s favourite Droids Itty Bitty R2-D2 and Itty Bitty C-3PO. Since The Force Awakened in 2016, the Itty Bittys Star Wars Collection has continued to grow, with the introduction of Itty Bitty Kylo Ren, Itty Bitty Rey, and Itty Bitty BB-8 providing an established fan-base that spans generations!

The DC Comics Collection

Fans of DC Comics will love the Itty Bittys DC Comics Collection which includes the Warner Bros. truely iconic Justice League figures of Itty Bitty Batman, Itty Bitty Superman and Itty Bitty Wonder Woman. Released in early 2016, Itty Bitty The Flash and limited Edition Itty Bitty Joker, Itty Bitty Catwoman and Itty Bitty Supergirl are destined to become real Itty Bitty collectors favourirtes, and due to their huge popularity, the collection even ‘expanded’ to include Itty Bitty ‘Biggy’ Superman and Batman – all of the fun and personality of the Itty Bitty versions, but in supersize!

The Marvel Collection

The Itty Bitty Marvel Collection has been a huge hit with kids both big and small, featuring well known superheros Itty Bitty Spiderman, Itty Bitty Hulk, Itty Bitty Iron Man and Itty Bitty Captain America. As the Avengers Assemble, which one is going to be your favourite?!

 The peanuts Collection

Itty Bitty Snoopy and Itty Bitty Charlie Brown joined their fellow Itty Bittys straight from their big screen debut in November 2015. The peanuts Collection is a real retro brand loved by teens and adults alike, with the film bringing the much loved characters to a new generation of fans. Snoopy and Charlie will be joined by more of their Itty Bitty friends in 2017!

The Scooby Doo Collection

Probably the most famous Great Dane on the planet, Scooby Doo and his pal Shaggy are here in fine Itty Bitty form, and they haven’t aged a day since their 1960s on-screen debut. Itty Bitty Scooby and Itty Bitty Shaggy are full of fun… Got a mystery to solve? This scaredy cat—er, dog—is on the case!