Tips on buying christening gifts

Gemma Greaves

Some occasions are easier to buy for than others, birthdays and Christmas are among the easier occasions, whereas celebrations such as graduation or a christening can be much trickier to prepare for. There are lots of gift available for these types of occasions, however, they are usually all similar and are typically keepsakes which have a basic function and you only really need one of. Because of this, people are often put off buying a traditional or typical gift on the basis that the recipient will most likely have something like it already, however, buying something more inventive and exciting can be tricky. At Shop For Something Special, we understand how difficult it can be to come up with a unique and inventive gift idea for a christening, which is why we have put together some tips on buying christening gifts.

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Before you start buying a christening gift, don’t head straight out to the shop, otherwise you may find yourself shopping for hours and still not finding anything suitable. A better idea is to take your time, stop and think about what you could possibly buy, things that may help you decide include:

• Speak to the parents: is there anything they would like for their child? Is there anything the child needs? Does the child have any holiday or special occasions coming up which you could help to prepare for?

• Speak to other people invited to the christening and ideally, family of the child, to find out what other people are buying as a christening gifts so at least you know what to avoid. You may find that this gives you some kind of inspiration.

• Think about what kind of family you are buying for, are they sentimental? Are they traditional? Are they modern? Do they like home-made gifts or experience gifts? Etc.
These questions will help you to narrow down your gift search and potentially cancel out most of your gift ideas.
Unique christening gifts:

If you choose to step away from the traditional christening gift of a storage box for the first tooth, for example, then you might be at even more of a loss as to what to buy, here are some more unique and unusual gift ideas:

• Invest: you could invest into something for the child, put money into a saving account or trust account, for example, i.e. do something that will help the child prepare for their future. Though this is not the most exciting gift to give, it will most likely be the most appreciated.

• Something personal, such as an engraved bracelet, a personalised book, or even something small like a dummy clip with the child’s name on or a teddy with the date of the christening embroidered onto it. These are items that the child can keep for their lifetime, look back on and always be reminded of their christening.

• Something to keep, such as a photo of the christening in a nice frame.

• A good luck charm: a lucky sixpence or a four-leaf clover, something that is designed to bring luck and good fortune to the child for the remainder of their life.

• Something of yours: such as a teddy bear you have has for years or a piece of jewellery that means something to you, though these may not be the most expensive of gifts, they will hold a lot of sentimental value.

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There is no right or wrong when it comes to buying a christening gift, parents know how difficult these events are to buy for and this is reflected in their expectations. What is most important is to attend the christening and be part of the celebration of new life.