The perfect gift for Mothers Day

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Gemma Greaves

At Something Special, we understand that finding the perfect present isn’t always easy. It often takes a lot of time and you can end up spending a significant amount of money. With that in mind, we’d like to take the stress out of Mother’s Day for you, and have created a list of the top 5 Mother’s gifts that have sentimental value. Here is what we have to offer:

1) Mother and Daughter willow tree figurine

When buying something for your Mother, you need a gift that is special and sentimental. One of our big brands, Willow Tree, understands this better than most, and offers a range of products that are perfect gifts for mothers day:


“ ‘Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and daughters’
Every daughter needs her mother, and this is the simple truth that the Willow Tree Mother and Daughter figurine is empowered with. It doesn’t matter how quickly time passes, or how fast the daughter grows up; that need never changes. Mothers will always be the one asked for help – she will always be there, no matter what. She will always be there to hold your hand and give you advice. But then one day, it all changes.”

2) Me To You’ Tatty Teddy ‘Mum In A Million’ Boxed Mug

The Me to You mug and plush is a gift that’s cute and practical, too. Give your mum something that will remind her of you everyday with a sentimental, gloriously tatty teddy mug.


Let your Mum know that she is a “Mum In A Million” with this beautiful boxed mug from ‘Me to You’. This wonderfully sleek mug design is finished with some exquisite artwork featuring Tatty Teddy and a magnificent yellow flower. A fantastic gift to make sure your lovely Mum feels that extra bit special!

3) Mothers Day Photo Frame

This Mother’s Day, get your mum a beautifully decorated photo frame that will show how much you cherish her. Every time she looks at the photo within the frame, she’ll be reminded just how much she means to you.


This pretty ‘Best Mum Ever’ photo frame uses Laura Darrington’s distinctive floral designs to make a gift that will show your Mum just how special she is. The frame has a printed wood effect background and is decorated with brightly coloured flowers. It is completed by the words ‘Best Mum Ever’ printed above and below the space for a picture of your very own ‘Best Mum Ever’.

4) Moon Bracelet

Every mum loves her jewellery – it holds a sentimental value like no other object, and is particularly special when received as a gift from one of her children. The moon necklace is considered a symbolic piece of jewellery that has magical and sacred dimensions. It’s also considered by European witch culture to be a dream gemstone. The necklace is believed to bring about pleasant and whimsical dreams, and because of the stone’s unusual glow, it’s easy to see why some consider the jewellery so magical – a perfect gift that your mum would cherish and remember you by.


This stunning ‘Harvest Moon’ bracelet from Carrie Elspeth uses amazing Czech crystals in autumnal colours which sparkle beautifully as you wear them. The bracelet looks really pretty on its own, but can be complimented beautifully by the matching necklace and earrings.

The bracelet comes beautifully presented in a Carrie Elspeth branded organza bag, or you can choose to add a Carrie Elspeth gift box to make a really stunning Mother’s Day gift.

5) Quirky Money Pot

Give your mum a fun, quirky savings pot for her special day; it’ll help her save up for that much-needed holiday and enable her to truly treat herself, all thanks to your thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.


Something Special’s Pots of Dreams are a great, fun and versatile gift idea. They can hold up to £1,000 in £1 coins and are a great way to encourage saving for a rainy day. Make a wish as you add your first coin, and ceremoniously smash the pot once you have filled it to release your cash and grant that wish. Great fun!

Your mum will be happy with whatever you buy her for Mother’s Day, but if you really want to make it special, take a little time to consider what she does and doesn’t like. Also, think about the kind of gifts that would be useful as much as sentimental – just like the little gifts she treats you to on occasion.

Every gift you give is a sign of love, appreciation and affection, no matter how big or small. This year, why not buy something a little more unique? When your mum sees the thought and love you have put into your gift, Mother’s Day will be all the more special.

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