How the right gift can make a special occasion unforgettable.

Gemma Greaves

If a friend or loved one has a special occasion coming up you might be wondering how you can make the celebration one that is unforgettable, treasured and remembered for years to come. There are lots of different ways you can make the occasion one that stands out, you could arrange a party or a meal, you could fly long distance relatives in to share the day with you, or you could buy the perfect gift. Unlike all other suggestions, buying the perfect gift is one you can do for sure, without having to rely on other people and without having to spend hours secretly planning some elaborate get together or surprise.

However, buying the right gift to make an occasion unforgettable is not an easy thing to do and you may not have any good present ideas.
Special gift ideas to make an occasion unforgettable simple-present
Forget most of your typical gift ideas, these aren’t going to cut it, a voucher will in no way make an occasion memorable, neither will a luxury set of bath products or perfume. A special occasion requires a special gift, one that is personal to the recipient and one that you have put a lot of thought and effort into.

Some good gift ideas include:
• Tickets for the theatre, a show, a gig or a comedy that the recipient has expressed a strong interest in seeing and/or would very much enjoy.
• Personalised jewellery: anyone can buy standard jewellery and though this is usually appreciated and enjoyed, unless the jewellery is something special (for example made from diamonds) it doesn’t necessarily make for an unforgettable present. Having jewellery engraved or having a photo included is a much better idea.
• A relaxation day: spa days are a typical present now, however, it can still make an unforgettable experience if you put more thought into it, for example, if you make sure the recipient has someone to go with, if you pay for additional treatments, or an afternoon
• An experience: something like a wine tasting day, a boating trip, a sports car experience, all these experiences will make for a memorable and exciting day. But be sure to book something your recipient will actually enjoy.
• A collectible item: find out what the person like and buy something that is rare and collectible, for example, if the recipient really like Elvis Presley, you could be a limited edition record.
Free gift ideas
If you like all of these ideas and want to make the day memorable, but are limited in how much you can spend, why not consider a free alternative. For example, if the recipient has children, you could get them to make something, if they have family who live at a distance, you could invite them to your house and cook a meal. It is important to keep in mind, that in order for the day to be memorable, everything has to be perfect and the gift is just one part of this.