A guide to buying anniversary presents

Gemma Greaves

If your anniversary is coming up you might be looking for the perfect present, the gift that sums up how much you love and care for your partner, a present that will be remembered for years to come. Unfortunately, there isn’t one gift that will work for everyone and everyone will have a different idea as to what the perfect gift is. Therefore, it is your job to get into the mindset of your partner and choose a gift that is personal to them and this is especially important for special gifts such as anniversary presents.
What should you think about first?

Before you start shopping you need to get a general idea as to what you are looking for, what you think your partner will like the most and think about things like your budget or the timeframe you have to collect and wrap your present. To help you decide on what kind of gift you should get you should first think about what your partner is like, do they like sentimental gifts? Do they like useful gifts? Would they expect something traditional? Is there anything that they have mentioned that they would like or do they have anything they love and cannot get enough of, perhaps they collect something?


All of this will help you to narrow down your gift search as there are lots of present ideas available.
What kinds of presents could you buy?
There are lots of different types of presents, some are more suited to an anniversary present than others in the traditional sense. But with couples becoming more unique and modern there really is no limit as to what you could buy for an anniversary present, here are some different types of presents:

• Traditional gifts: this includes things like jewellery, chocolates and flowers, i.e. the gifts we expect to receive on an anniversary. This also includes gifts for special anniversaries, such as paper gifts for a first anniversary.

• Useful gifts: buy your partner something they actually need. A new phone may not seem romantic but if your partner needs one it will not only be appreciated but used regularly.

• Sentimental gifts: things like photos and ornaments, things your partner can keep and display for years.

• Experience gifts: such as a spa day, a weekend away, a day at the races, a luxury and romantic meal.
Think about what your partner is like and which type of present they would like the most, then shop within this area.

Unless your partner has specifically asked for one of the following, there are some gift ideas you should steer well clear of, these include the following,
Anniversary gifts to avoid:


• Anything related to housework and/or cooking, this includes big things such as a vacuum cleaner or a new cooker, along with smaller things such as new towels, saucepans or a new apron. This may give your partner the impression that you think of them as your live-in maid who’s main role in life is to clean and cook for you, which may lead to an argument rather than a romantic celebration.

• Anything related to dieting/exercising/losing weight, this includes things like a gym membership, a fitness DVD or game, diet books, weighing scales. Your anniversary is a day to make your partner feel perfect and beautiful in every way.

• Anything related to getting old, such as wrinkle cream, special shoes, walking aids etc. Most middle aged – elderly people do not feel their age and nor do they want to on a special occasion like their anniversary. Use your anniversary as a way of making your partner feel young and carefree.

Make your anniversary present personal to your partner and they will be sure to love it.