What to Buy For That Special Teacher…

Sarah Corbett

The summer holidays are fast approaching and it’s that time of year when you get to say a big thank you to that special teacher who has taught and nurtured your child for the last year, and has helped them to develop all of the skills that they need to progress through the next stages of their life (or if nothing else, it’s the time to thank that person who has bravely attempted to occupy your child for 6 ½ hours a day, 5 days a week for the last year ;)). It is without doubt, that by the end of term, your child’s teacher deserves something special to thank them for their hard work throughout the year. So where do you start?…

Well we asked a few of our teacher friends about the best and worst gifts that they had been given at the end of term with some interesting results…

It seems that those teachers are a modest lot, with many agreeing that the thing that they appreciate most is simply a card or note thanking them for their time and effort – something to look back on on more ‘challenging’ days and remember what makes their job so worthwhile. That said, most also agreed that you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine, or a box of chocolates (even though one teacher did admit that that they usually get enough of these to feed and water a small army). Others suggested nice bath products or Yankee Candles were also winners, along with gifts that were personal to them e.g. one teacher said that a student had made the effort to ask what their favourite book, before presenting it as their end of year gift.

The not so great gifts generated slightly more comedy value, so in-case you were wondering, it’s probably best to steer clear of half used aftershave/perfume bottles or half eaten boxes of chocolates. Another teacher recounted a story of a thoughtful, if not slightly misguided student who took the time and effort to find out their favourite book, which the teacher was looking forward to receiving at the end of the term. Instead, when the end of term came, the teacher was presented with a photo frame containing a photograph of the student – the frame had been made but cutting a hole through the middle pages of the teachers favourite book. The verdict… nice idea, useless present, ruined book, whoops!

So in-case you are still stuck for ideas, here’s a few special and thoughtful ideas which won’t just clog up teacher’s desk draw until next year, or add to their ever growing hoard of chocolate and wine…

Yankee Candle Sweet Apple Candles and Accessories

Picking up on the traditional American theme of an apple for the teacher, how about a Sweet Apple Yankee Candle? Coming in large, medium and small jars, plus votives, wax tart melts and tea lights the choice is yours, or how about combining one of the Sweet Apple Wax Melts with a beautiful Tart Melt Warmer, a jar candle with a complementing shade and tray, or a votive with a pretty votive holder for a relaxing, attractive and useful keepsake that teacher can keep way after the end of term – we can even gift wrap it with ‘Thank You’ ribbon!

Sweet Apple

Disaster Designs Compact Mirrors

Rather than a bunch of flowers which will last just a few days, how about a pretty floral Compact Mirror from Disaster Designs, which teacher can keep for years to come? The ‘1916’ Compact mirror uses a really pretty, bright oil painting style floral design, and the ‘In Bloom’ range, look like vintage seed packets and come presented in a lovely matching presentation seed packet envelope.


Joma bracelet

For a simple but special ‘thank you’ how about treating teacher to a ‘A Little Thank You’ Silver Plated Bow Bracelet from Joma Jewellery. This pretty bracelet comes in a presentation gift bag with a matching gift tag for you to write your special message thanking teacher for their efforts throughout the year – perfect for capturing just the right sentiment!

A Little Thank You

Cocktail Anyone?

How about substituting that bottle of wine with a tasty summer cocktail, in the form of a Mojito Scented Home Reed Diffuser from Ashleigh and Burwood, or a Yankee Candle Passion Fruit Martini Candle? All the joys of their favourite cocktail without the hangover ;).

      Mojito    Passion Fruit Martini

Willow Tree figure

Willow Tree figurines are designed to show their meaning through gestures alone, allowing the recipient to decipher their exact meaning; by adding your own message on an accompanying tag you can make the gift truly personal to a very special teacher. How about Willow Tree ‘Love of Learning’, which is represented by a girl lovingly clutching a book, and comes with the sentiment of ‘Open books, open minds’, or Willow Tree ‘Quest’ represented by a boy sitting reading a book, and the sentiment of ‘Seek, explore, discover’ or simply Willow Tree ‘Thank You’ which is represented by a girl offering the gesture of a bunch of flowers, and comes with the sentiment of ‘So grateful for all that you do’ – all would be perfect for a really special teacher!

      Love of Learning     Quest    Thank You Willow

Hopefully we have wet you appetite for some great teacher gifting ideas, but just remember that your gift doesn’t need to cost the earth, it’s the personal sentiment that really counts!