5 reasons why you can never have enough handbags

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Gemma Greaves

It’s something few men understand, but the number of handbags a woman owns points to something far more important than a buying addiction.

Sure, you can go overboard with handbags, but there’s no such thing as buying too much of something that makes you feel happy. Of course, as long as you are responsible with your budget and buy what you can afford.

In this post, we’re going to list five reasons why you can never have enough handbags.

1. They define you

Handbags are far more than a fashion statement or tool for carrying stuff around (although that’s important, too – see the next point). They define you as a person.

Just as a pair of shoes indicate your preferred style and the way you intend to carry yourself, so too can a handbag. Of the many accessories available, they’re among the most personal.

2. You’ve got an awful lot of stuff to carry

Stop laughing at the back – this is absolutely true.

david jones birmingham

Think about the number of devices, pieces of makeup and other paraphernalia that accompanies you on your journey through life. And it isn’t as though you always need every item on you all of the time.

For this reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a number of handbags for different purposes. If you’re heading out for the evening and only need your smartphone and purse, a small clutch handbag will do the job. If you’ve got a big day ahead in the city attending important business meetings, you’ll need something far bigger.

We have a lot of stuff to carry around these days and, let’s be honest, that’s the primary reason handbags exist.

3. There’s so many to choose from

Try this exercise: write down as many handbag designers as you can think of.

lisa buckridge

It’s a big list, isn’t it? The handbag market has boomed in recent years, and with so many designers and styles to choose from, it’s impossible to settle on just one. Sure, you might have your favourite, but why not spread your wings a little and try out the latest trends and entrants to the market?

Possessing more handbags of different styles means you can rotate based on the occasion and requirement. A new handbag can transform an outfit, while one you’ve not used for months could be perfect for the impending winter season.

4. Handbags help protect the environment

You might think we’re pushing it a bit with this one, but the more handbags you have, the more inclined you’ll be to take them out with you, and if you’re heading to the shops, that means less of a reliance on plastic bags.

5. Quality handbags can last for years

Many people talk about ‘price-per-wear’, which simply refers to how much use you get out of a handbag relative to its cost. Invest in a good one, and it’ll pay you back in years of service.

Handbags can also be handed down to family members or sold on (if they’re particularly unique).

david jones sidebag

According to research, women own thirteen handbags on average, and if you’re languishing below that number but have your heart set on one or two additions to your collection, this post will hopefully have convinced you that you really do deserve to own more!

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